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Welcome to CryptScript.com

Update:5.24.2023 Cryptscript was a random project I did back in 2010, the site is still mostly functional, but
no active development has been done since 2011. Only small updates to the code to try & keep it working with
newer software running on the server. If for some reason anyone reading this has actually been using this
site still, please backup your data. I might rewrite this whole site soon.

You might want to know what is it? Well its like having a text file you can get to from
any computer, any place encrypted in the cloud.


Security Features

Q & A

Q: What happens if you quit running this service?
A: Never keep all your data like passwords in one place the best thing to do is download
something like locknote to keep a copy of your passwords local
so if something ever happen to this service you will not lose your passwords.

Q: What happens if I forget my master password?
A: You can't view your data we don't save the master password so there is no way we can reset it for you.

Q: What is the "when cleared" option in the login timeout drop down?
A: You will stay logged in until the loggout button is pressed or the web browser is closed or cookies cleared.